Saturday, April 30, 2016

27 years old @ 2016

Didn't touch my blog for such long time ago. Working in SG already 3 years more. Today is last day of April, I'm officially 27 years old. Time passed! Suddenly think of writing a blog and recording what i'm feeling now. Single life - but always blessed because i have a wonderful family members who always support me and friends that really care for me.

Birthday just over last week. I had blown the 5 cakes. Wishes that I made - hope dad and family member always stay healthy and my career will get better than before. Salary increase!! Hahaha!

Miss my mum. Although she had left us for almost 6 years, I really miss her so much. Mother's day is round the corner. Mum, how are you? Don't worry about us. We are doing well. Hope can dream of you~ Mum, miss you!<3 always="" and="" angel="" are="" at="" be="" cooking="" i="" know.="" looking="" miss="" nbsp="" our="" p="" smile="" us="" voice="" you="" your="">

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