Saturday, April 30, 2016

27 years old @ 2016

Didn't touch my blog for such long time ago. Working in SG already 3 years more. Today is last day of April, I'm officially 27 years old. Time passed! Suddenly think of writing a blog and recording what i'm feeling now. Single life - but always blessed because i have a wonderful family members who always support me and friends that really care for me.

Birthday just over last week. I had blown the 5 cakes. Wishes that I made - hope dad and family member always stay healthy and my career will get better than before. Salary increase!! Hahaha!

Miss my mum. Although she had left us for almost 6 years, I really miss her so much. Mother's day is round the corner. Mum, how are you? Don't worry about us. We are doing well. Hope can dream of you~ Mum, miss you!<3 always="" and="" angel="" are="" at="" be="" cooking="" i="" know.="" looking="" miss="" nbsp="" our="" p="" smile="" us="" voice="" you="" your="">

Sunday, February 26, 2012


"Stop Lynas, Save Malaysia!" Last few day, keep on seeing many friends post this slogan in their facebook. And me, also doing the same things. At first, I'm not understand what is the meaning of the lynas. It's bring harm to people? What the effect of lynas? So, I google it! And now, I just know that LYNAS is a simple, honest chemical processing plant in Kuantan. It will harm our next generation. I'm wondering why government will approve them to enter to our country? Why they didn't think about us, about our next generation? It's sad and disappointed!! What they feel?? They just think about the money? Corruption?? Money can save life if you have cancer now?? It's not!!! Why?? You cant spend your money even you have a lot of money because you're having cancer.

And now, what's our hope? STOP LYNAS, SAVE MALAYSIA!! We just want a healthy life and save our earth. Keep on praying for our hope. Don't hurt everyone, please think properly!!

So, GOVERNMENT!! Please do something for us. Don't t
oo greedy! Don't just think about yourself only. If Lynas still carry on, I cant imagine what the life in our future.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A NEW & LAST semester in UUM

Tuesday, 12.55pm. Hot day. Just came back from KL to UUM on last Sunday. Is my 3rd day in UUM. Time passed as quick as I cant imagine that I'm last semester in UUM and be super senior in UUM. My room still maintain, at room 539, DPP YAB and I should glad because didn't change to other DPPs... I stay at DPP YAB since I was sem 1 and from room 130> 533> 141> 539 (at portion B) It's tiring when Uni reopening because need to move up move down! I'm so happy since I no need to pack my things to pantry in this sem because I'm last semester in Uni. Grateful!!

A New and Last Semester for me, so I need to enjoy with my UNI's life with all my dear UNI's friends! Jia you, everyone! :) All the best!


Saturday, December 31, 2011

Bye 2011, Hello 2012!!

Wah wah! So so fast! Is coming the last day of 2011! Tomorrow is 2012 already! Really so fast! I'm semester 5 now, I will graduate on next year June 2012! Haha~ Memorable memories in my mind... Keep it in my heart forever.

2011, a lot of good memories... Learn a lots, eat a lots, and the important I play a lots! Thanks to my crazy friends that always beside me! Thank You! Thanks to my hometown friends too... Feeling good when gathering with you guys, chit chat non-stop! Thank You! Thanks to my family members, Papa, Sisters, & Brother, 2 Jie Fu, with yours caring, I'm very good now! -Thank You so much! I Love You all!!!

2012, planning what to do in 2012.... Counting down! Will update after I finish my exam~ :) Having exam on 4th until 19th of January! Hope we will get good results! Jia you everyone!

"May this New Year 2012 bring opportunities to your way, to explore and enjoy every joy of the precious life & may your resolution for the days ahead stay firm, turning your dreams into reality and all your efforts into great achievements. Good Luck!! Happy New Year to you and your loved ones. :) "

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Wonderful Night in UUM...

Haha. Why I will say wonderful night in UUM? Weird? Deng deng deng... This is because i went to watch meteor last night! It's wonderful! First time lay on the field in UUM and waiting for meteor. So excited. Marvelous! One word I can say when seeing the meteor appeared!

Heard people said: "Faster make a wish when you see the meteor, then the wishes will come true." Isn't real? I hope so... But yesterday saw a lot of meteors, but cant take a chance to make all the wishes that I want because it just appeared in few seconds. It's disappeared when you were screaming! :) Luckily, I saw a meteor and made a wish~ Finally, I had made a wish although one wishes!! I'm not greedy. SO SO happy!! Haha! Hope my wishes will come true.

Make a wish, make a wish! :)

Sunday, December 11, 2011






你要始终相信,tomorrow is another day.

Like this sentence so much! :) LOVE MYSELF!! Do anything that is correct. Don't blame people and dont show face when you are emotional. Stay cheerful! Stay happy! Stay pretty!! :D

Friday, December 9, 2011

It's Friday!!

Boring day, Friday. No class on Friday, so do nothing. Revise some books because final exam is coming soon. But didn't revise for long time, I think just use one hour then felt sleepy. Too bad. Early morning prepared to cook "fan xu tong shui", but failed! Not nice at all. :( I miss my mum's cooking. Mummy, where are you? Miss you so much. When thinking about this, tears dropped. Be strong, Sharon! "Mum is enjoying in heaven. So, don't worry so much." Keep telling myself. :)

Evening, jogging with my friend, Sze Ying. Suddenly felt like wanna go for jog. First time jogging in this semester. Satisfied! Because I jog for 10 rounds~ Really satisfied with it. Keep it up! Haha! Besides, received message from my best buddy, Jassic. She told me she already passed up her thesis. Congratulation, Ling! So happy when hearing this. I want to go for your convocation! I won't forget what I promised. :D

Final is coming soon, so worry about that. All subjects are hard to score. But I will try my best to do well in this final. Jia you everyone! Good luck!!